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Perth Garden Festival 2018

Fickle Prickles will be attending the Perth Garden Festival again in 2018!
McCallum Park (Victoria Park) April 12th to 15th - 9am to 4pm.

You can purchase tickets for this year's festival online at

What's on offer...


Collectable Succulents
Collectable Succulents
Collectable Succulents
Chain of Hearts
Chan of Pearls
Euphorbia monstrose

Some of the collectables on offer are Raindrops, Ben Badis, Sticks on Fire, Peperomia, Chain of hearts (normal and variegated), Chain of Pearls (normal and variegated) and monstrose Euphorbias. Plus MORE!!!

Cacti and Lithops

Named Cacti
Named Cacti

We will have a large range of Lithops and identified/named varieties of Cacti.

Named Haworthia and Agave

Named varieties of Agave
Named varieties of Haworthia
Named varieties of Haworthia

Also, heaps of identified/named varieties of Agave, Haworthia and Haworthia hybrids.

Miniature Gardens & Supplies

Succulent Fairy Garden
Miniature Garden with Fishing Shack

Here are some of the miniature gardens we have made up for this year's festival. Hopefully they are a good indication of what species of succulents look great as trees and shrubs, hedges and lawns on a miniature scale. We will have a whole new range of funky mini houses for sale at the festival, as well as miniature furniture items, pots and of course, SUCCULENTS! Everything you need to make up your own fairy garden or miniature garden :)

And more!

Succulent  Ball
Succulent groundcovers
Succulent Hanging Baskets

Succulent groundcovers, art pieces and hanging baskets (both indoor and outdoor baskets!)

Our Display...

Display Hint #1
Display Hint #2

Here are some hints as to what our display will look like at this year's festival. It will be a little Italian, a little Australiana and cram packed full of cacti and succulents!

Head on over to our Facebook event page - Fickle Prickles at the Perth Garden Festival 2018 - to stay in the loop and find out more!