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Delivery Information

Fickle Prickles is purely an online store. At this time we do not have a retail outlet, and as such, picking up of orders is not available.
We offer the following delivery services:


We can only supply plants and/or plant material to locations within Western Australia (WA).
We offer the following delivery services, based on your location and postcode:

Perth Metro (Delivery Area)

Via our In-House Delivery Service

Fickle Prickles Delivery Area


6006 - 6026
6050 - 6064
6090 - 6112
6147 - 6160
6162 - 6164


Deliveries take place on the Friday of each week. Orders placed before 7am on a Thursday will be delivered on the Friday of the same week.


$15.00 Flat fee
FREE DELIVERY on orders over $100!


Plants are secured in an open box. If you are not home at time of delivery, our driver will leave your order in a suitable location that is sheltered from both the sun and the rain to ensure the well being of the plants.

You are welcome to provide delivery instructions during checkout if you wish; we will make every effort to follow them. Please ensure that there is suitable access for the driver on the day of delivery.

When I receive my order...

Even though your plants arrive in an open box and have access to light and air, we recommend that you take them out the box as soon as possible and water them thoroughly. This is to combat any heat stress they may have from being in transit, especially in the summer months.

Each plant will have a sticker on them mentioning their botanical name, height, habit and the best sun position for optimal growth.

Western Australia WA (Outside our Delivery Area)

Via Australia Post


6000 - 6005
6027 - 6028
6030 - 6049
6067 - 6075
6077 - 6089
6113 - 6046
6165 - 6797
6800 - 6999
(Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands are not included due to customs requirements)


Postal orders are dispatched on the Monday of each week. This is to ensure that orders have the best chance to reach their destination before the weekend. We like to avoid having plants sitting packaged up in transit over weekends and holidays.

Orders placed before 4pm on the Sunday will be dispatched that week.


up to 18 plants $24.00
19 to 30 plants $27.00
31 - 48 plants $51.00
over 48 plants $54.00


Sent via Australia Post. We will provide you with a tracking number so you can be kept apprised of the delivery process.

Each plant is individually wrapped and packaged into an enclosed box. Soil is secured and the foliage is protected:

Plant packaging

When I receive my order...

Succulents are pretty tough, they are happy to go without water and sunlight for a couple of days. We do recommend that you unpack the plants as soon as possible after delivery.

After you have unpacked them, be sure to water them thoroughly and place them in a part shade position for a day or two. Under a patio or veranda is perfect. This will help them adjust to their new light conditions, and won’t shock them by going from darkness to full sun. Each plant will have a sticker on them mentioning their botanical name, height, habit and the best sun position for optimal growth.

Accessories Only

Accessories (such as mini furniture items and wreath supplies) can be sent to anywhere in Australia (WA, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, ACT and NT).

Costs (via Australia Post)
up to 500g $14.00
up to 1kg $18.00
up to 3kg $22.00
up to 5kg $25.00
over 5kg $50.00

Gift Certificates and Greeting Cards are posted free of charge.

Why not send plants interstate?

We are unable to post plants and/or plant material to locations outside of Western Australia due to agricultural quarantine restrictions.

Quarantine restrictions exist to preserve the sanctity of our natural environments. They are a very important matter to us here at Fickle Prickles. More information about quarantine restrictions can be found at your state's Department of Agriculture and Food's website.

Once you have entered your shipping address during checkout, the system will let you know if there are any products that cannot be sent to your location.