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Fickle Prickles

Fickle Prickles is a Perth based cacti and succulent online store that began its journey in late 2007. It was developed through a passion and admiration of all things cacti and succulent. What began as a part time hobby grew to an out of control addiction, and from there a business was born. From humble beginnings, selling at the Kalamunda Markets and Manning Markets, we then went on to develop an online store in early 2009.

We specialise in cacti and succulents, as well as fairy garden & miniature garden furniture and supplies. We deliver to most Perth areas, and can ship to anywhere else in Western Australia (WA).

We are a small, family owned business, with decades of horticultural experience, and we take pride in producing healthy plants that are grown to suit Western Australian conditions. We use the latest hygienic growing techniques to ensure our stock is pest and disease free and of the best quality.

All of our plants are locally grown here in Perth, WA and are suited to Western Australian conditions. All plants are fully established in their pots before becoming available for sale.

Fickle Prickles is purely an online store. At this time we do not have a retail outlet and unfortunately, our production nursery in the hills is not open to the public.

Succulent ART

We also produce succulents for Western Australian retail nurseries, florists and landscape designers under the brand name of SucculentART. You can visit for project ideas, tutorials and succulent care information, as well as a list of where you can buy SucculentART products.

The Perth Garden Festival

Fickle Prickles Display PGF2016

From 2015 we have attended the Perth Garden Festival each April in Victoria Park.

We just love being able to see and speak with you all in person. It is something we don't often get to do running an online store. Plus we get the opportunity to get our creative juices flowing and produce some succulent art displays that hopefully inspired collectors old and new.


Read more about our exhibit at the Perth Garden Festival 2017...

In 2016 our theme was ‘under the sea’. From turtles and jellyfish, to shipwrecked furniture and pirate treasure, we had an absolute ball designing and creating our display:

Succulent treasure chest
Succulent drawers
Succulent drawers
Succulent under the sea log
Succulent jellyfish
Succulent book
Succulent barrel spill
succulent display chest
Succulent bird bath

We cannot wait for Perth Garden Festival 2018! Plans are well and truly underway for our display. What will the theme be? See PGF2018 for more details.

Meet the Team


Kaye has been a qualified horticulturist for over 23 years and loves being able to apply her years of horticultural nursery experience into cultivating and growing succulents for Fickle Prickles.

"I saw that in Western Australia there was a real lack of diversity in regards to professionally grown succulents. As I was still working full time in 2009, an online store seemed like the perfect way to share my admiration, and supply rare and unusual succulent species to collectors in WA."

She truly loves getting her hands dirty, and gets a real kick out of the 'hands on' side of the business.


Danni, Kaye's daughter, has over 10 years experience in the retail industry and is a qualified website developer. She has enjoyed developing Fickle Prickles with Kaye from the very start.

"To begin with, I had little to no horticultural experience. I always referred to a succulent as 'the green thing with the yellow doo hickeys'. But what knowledge I lacked, Kaye made up for, and vice versa. We really do make a great team."

What she really loves about working at Fickle Prickles is the integration of technology into what has been, up until now, a rather traditional practice.

"It is great to see that we have spread the addiction to younger audiences, and that would just have not been possible without the help of the internet and social media platforms."