Perth Garden Festival 2016

Fickle Prickles Exhibit at PGF2016

In 2016 we attended the Perth Graden Festival for the second year in a row. This year, our stall was bigger, and we wanted to introduce a flowing theme throught the display. We decided on the theme 'Under the Sea'. There are so many sucuclents that have a coral like quality, and we really wanted to showcase that. From turtles and jellyfish, to shipwrecked furniture and pirate treasure, we had an absolute ball designing and creating our display.

Our Display...

Succulent treasure chest
Succulent drawers

A half sunken treasure chest full of succulents like Crassula ovata, Crassula muscosa var. muscosa, Crassula ovata var. undulata and Echeveria glauca. A room buried at sea, complete with chair and chest of drawers.

Succulent drawers
Succulent under the sea log
Succulent jellyfish

We made a jelly fish by filling an upside down hanging basket with succulent mix and sphangnum moss. On the jellyfish is Echeveria glauca and Echeveria 'Violet Queen'. The hanging tendrils are Lepismium paradoxum.

Succulent book
Succulent barrel spill
succulent display chest
Succulent bird bath

In the birdbath we have a stunningly large red and blue rosettes - Echeveria Imbricata, and hanging down the bottom are strands of Sedum morganianum 'Burrito'.

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